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Dryer Cylinder For 100T Corrugated Paper Machine

The dryer cylinder heats and dries the wet paper with high-temperature hot air, accelerating the evaporation of water and gradually making the paper reach the required dryness. This helps prevent paper deformation, mildew and other problems during subsequent processing. Through the action of the hot air in the dryer cylinder, the moisture on the surface of the paper is quickly evaporated, making the paper fibers more closely combined, thereby increasing the density and strength of the paper and improving the flatness and smoothness of the paper.

Main structure of Dryer Cylinder

Quantity: 24 sets

Specifications: Φ1800×3650mm

Material: cylinder block and cylinder head are HT200.

Pressure: The maximum working pressure of the dryer is 0.5Mpa, and the hydraulic pressure test is 1.0MPa.

Cylinder surface hardness: Dryer cylinder surface hardness HB190~220.

Cylinder surface roughness: Ra=0.8μm.

Assembly form: three-piece set, machined paper rope groove

Other requirements: Should comply with industry standard QB/T2556-2008 “Technical Conditions for Cast Iron Dryer Cylinders for Paper making Machinery”.

Bearing: operating side 3113744/transmission side 3113748

Accessories: Complete with rotating joint

Lubrication: thin oil lubrication

In general, the dryer cylinder plays a vital role in the paper making process, not only improving the quality and production efficiency of the paper, but also ensuring that the paper meets customer requirements and standards. Welcome to contact us. Email: