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Paper Machine Press Roll For Paper Mill

Paper press rolls are essential components in the paper making procedure, applying force onto the paper sheet to expel moisture and foster a denser, more polished texture. Paper press rolls are commonly crafted from top-tier materials such as stainless steel or cast iron. These materials guarantee robustness and immunity to rust, thus prolonging the lifespan of the press roll.

Main structure of Paper Press Roll

Specifications: Φ850×3200 mm.

Material: The roller body is HT200, and the shaft head is quenched and tempered 40Cr. The thickness of the glue layer is 20 mm, and the rubber hardness is P&J10.

Bearing: Both ends are equipped with bearings and bearing shells. The bearing shell material is HT200 and the bearings are rolling bearings.

Lubrication: grease lubrication.

Calibrated dynamic balance: The dynamic balance quality is G1.6.

The dimensions of the press roll, including its diameter and width, are designed based on the specifications of the paper making machine and the desired output. Welcome to contact us for details. Email: