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Reeling Machine For Corrugated Paper Machine

The reeling machine in the paper manufacturing process is a critical element of paper machine equipment, playing a multifaceted role. It efficiently cuts and rolls the paper, streamlining packing and transport operations. This paper machine reeling machine swiftly and accurately winds the paper, boosting production efficiency and minimizing labor and time costs.

Details of Reeling Machine

1. Type: horizontal pneumatic

2. Roll paper cylinder
a. Diameter: φ1100mm
b. Face width: 2900mm
c. Design speed: 140m/min
d. Material: Cast iron, with drive, doctor blade is EP plate. The cylinder block and cylinder head are HT200, the cylinder surface hardness is ≥HB190, and the surface polishing is Ra=0.8.

3. Pressurization adopts pneumatic pressurization system

4. The frame is welded with Q235 steel plate.

5. Paper roll
a. Quantity: 5
b. Diameter/face width: φ245×2900, bearing model: 3520
c. Material: 20# seamless steel pipe or rolled, wall thickness 18mm.
d. Others: Corrected dynamic balance speed 300m/min.

6. Doctor blade
a. Quantity: 1 set
b. Material: Doctor body: A3 welded structure
c. Blade: EP

The reeling machine is an essential component of paper production equipment. With its use of cutting-edge technology and automated controls, it ensures the efficient, reliable, and secure production of paper rolls to meet the increasing demand for corrugated paper. Contact email: