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100T 2500 Single Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine

Our primary objective is to minimize operational interruptions, enhance production capacities, and ensure timely fulfillment of our customers’ requirements.

Recognizing the paramount importance of sustainability in corrugated paper machine, we place a strong emphasis on the design principles that aim to minimize waste generation and mitigate environmental pollution. We ardently support the sustainable development of corrugated paper machines by integrating concepts that prioritize resource efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

Main technical parameters Of Corrugated Paper Machine

Main technical parameters
Main products: high-strength corrugated paper Working speed: 250-280m/min
Basis weight: 80-140gsm Design speed: 350m/min
Net paper width: 2500mm Dynamic balance speed: 450m/min
Production capacity: 150t/d Wire width: 3000mm

Choosing our corrugated paper machines not only guarantees excellent performance and maximum reliability, but also reflects our commitment to high productivity of the paper machines. Email address: