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120T/D Boxboard Paper Making Line

corrugated paper board making machine

120T/D Boxboard Paper Making Line use waste paper as raw material, this production line contain pulping process and paper making process. Paper pulp machine and boxboard paper machine Leizhan supplied adopt advance technology, our engineer design the suitable project for paper making friends to meet production needs.

Boxboard paper pulping equipment

Chain conveyor: width=1400mm, length=26m

D type hydrapulper: 25m³  H=10mm, C=3~5%

High density cleaner: Q=6500~7800l/min, C=3~5%

Coarse pressure screen: A=1.2m2 h=2.0mm, C=3%

Fiber separator:  Ø880mm,h=4mm, C=2%

Reject separator: Ø380mm C=1.2% Ø4mm

Fine pressure screen: A=1.5m2 s=0.22mm C=1.0%

Fractionating Screen: A=1.2m2 S=0.2mm, C=2.5%

Boxboard paper machine

Paper grades: corrugated paper, kraft paper

Paper width(mm): 3200mm

Distant between sole-plates: 4300mm

Paper making capacity: 80-300g/m²

Capacity: 120T/D

Working speed: 250m/min

Designed speed: 300m/min