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2100mm Corrugated Paper Making Machine

high strength corrugated paper machine

2100mm corrugated paper machine mainly used for corrugated paper and cardboard paper making, can use straw pulp, LOCC, commodity wood pulp ect. as raw material to produce low/mid/high strength corrugated paper.

2100mm Corrugated Paper Machine Technical data

Paper type: Corrugated paper, Cardboard paper
Trimmed width: 2100mm
Basis weight: 100-180g/㎡
Capacity: 10-15t/d
Operation speed: 10-45m/min
Distance gauge: 3000mm
Dimensions: 2400×3600×4650(mm) (Length × width × height)

This is light paper machine, compact structure, small footprint, suitable for small production line, we supply this paper machine and provide technical support for paper making friends, meanwhile we manufacture whole set of stock preparation line for various kinds of paper making, contain pulper equipment, cleaner, screening, pulp pump, refiner, thickener, etc., if you have any need, feel free to contact us for more details.