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2500mm Corrugated Paper Machine Technical Solution

This machine is a paper machine for making 80-200 g/m² high-strength corrugated paper and boxboard. The corrugated paper machine consists of a stacked-net forming section, a pressing section, a drying section, a paper reel, a foundation section, and a paper machine auxiliary system.

Details of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Forming section: air cushion headbox sizing, surface net 6.5 m, bottom net 19 m, reserved 14 m core net;

2. Pressing section: composed of two large roller presses (Φ1350/Φ1350)

3. Drying section: 30 Φ1800 mm drying cylinders arranged in the form of 10+10+sizing machine+10+calender

4. Reeling section: horizontal pneumatic reeling machine

5. Transmission section: adopts partial transmission, AC frequency conversion speed control

6. Layout form: single-layer layout

7. From the reeling machine, the transmission is on the left side, which is the left machine, and vice versa, it is the right machine

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