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30T Multi-Wire Multi-Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

The maximum working pressure of the dryer cylinder of corrugated paper machine is 0.5 mpa. This corrugated paper machine adopts the back, the cylinder wire part, the pre-pressing part, the main pressing part, the dryer part, the steam hood part, the sizing machine, the mechanical transmission part, the electric transmission part, the basic part, the reeling machine, etc.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: Corrugated paper

2. Quantitative range: 80-200 gsm

3. Net paper width: 2600 mm

4. Working speed: 60-100 m/min

5. Production capacity: 30-40 t/d

6. Wire width: 3000 mm

7. Transmission mode: All-digital AC motor variable frequency speed regulation sub-transmission

8. Pulp ratio: waste paper

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