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30TPD Corrugated Paper Machine Project

We are deeply aware that sustainable development is crucial in the current packaging industry. Therefore, we pay special attention to the design concept of reducing waste production and reducing environmental pollution to actively support the sustainable development of corrugated paper making machines.

Our corrugated paper making machines use innovative technology and energy-saving designs to minimize waste. We are committed to providing efficient production processes that reduce energy consumption and emissions to reduce negative impact on the environment. We also actively promote the concept of circular economy, encourage recycling and reuse of cardboard materials, and reduce resource consumption.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Main products: Liner board paper, Corrugated paper

Quantitative range: 80-200 gsm

Net paper width: 2600 mm

Production capacity: 30-40 t/d

Working speed: 60-100 m/min

Wire width: 3000 mm

Transmission mode: All-digital AC motor variable frequency speed regulation sub-transmission

Floor Arrangement: Single Floor, Right Mobile

Pulp ratio: waste paper

By choosing our corrugated paper making machines, you not only get highly reliable equipment and outstanding performance, but you also make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability. We are committed to working with our customers to promote the packaging industry in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. Email address: