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3500mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Making Machine

corrugated paper machine
This paper machine is used to produce 90-110g/㎡ high strength corrugated paper for customer, contain forming section, press section, drying section, reeling section. Our engineer design the following solution for customer, details as bellow note.

3400mm corrugated paper technical data

Trimmed: 3500mm
Basic weight: 90-110g/㎡
Working speed: 125-150m/min
Design speed: 180m/min
Headbox lip width: 3800mm
Gauge: 4500mm

Forming part: Open type headbox feed pulp, single fourdrinier(14500mm fourdrinier wire)

Press part: consist of double main press rollers(Φ900/Φ850)

Dryer cylinder: 18 sets of Φ1500mm dryer cylinder

Reeling part: horizontal pneumatic reeling machine

We also manufacture stock preparation line for paper making, if you have any need or questions, feel free to contact us for more details.