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3600/350 High-Strength Corrugated Paper Machine Technical Solution

As a partner, we will provide all-round support, including corrugated paper machine related technical training, after-sales service and spare parts supply. We will ensure timely response to our partners’ needs and provide solutions. We are committed to providing high-quality corrugated paper machines that meet market demand.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Main products: High-strength corrugated paper

2. Quantitative range: 80-200gsm

3. Clean paper width: 3600mm

4. Production capacity: 150t/d

5. Working speed: 200-300m/min

6. Net width: 4100mm

7. Gauge: 4800mm

8. Transmission mode: AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation partial transmission

9. Slurry ratio: waste paper

We will continue to improve our technology and processes to ensure product reliability and stability. Work closely with partners to jointly explore market needs and explore new development opportunities. Email address: