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5000/450 Multi-Cylinder Corrugated Paper Machine

Leizhan designed 5000/450 multi-cylinder paper making solution for customer in India. Machines used in pulping and paper making line have been decided. All corrugated paper making machines are purchased in Leizhan.

Parameters of 5000/450 Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

1.Paper grade:corrugated paper, testliner paper
2.Basis weight:90-220g/㎡
3.Net paper width:5000mm
4.Production capacity:300t/d
5.Working speed:350-400m/min
6.Design speed:450m/min
7.Gague:tentatively 6200m

Leizhan is able to supply all machines used in the 5000/450 multi-cylinder corrugated paper making line. If you have any queries, please leave your message or contact