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60T/18H Corrugated Paper Stock Preparation Project

Corrugated paper machines can help customers improve overall productivity, allowing manufacturers to meet tight deadlines and satisfy customer demands. We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s packaging industry. That’s why our corrugated paper machines minimize waste and reduce environmental pollution.

LOCC Stock preparation system

D Type Hydrapulper Model:ZDSD24


Nominal volume:10m3

Screen hole specification:Φ10mm

Motor power:110KW

High density cleaner Model:ZSC4 Pressure difference:200KPa
Mid consistency pressure screen Model:ZNS0.9


Screen basket hole size: 2.2mm

Motor power:75KW 1500rpm

Reject separator Model:PZ2 Sieve plate hole size: 5mm

Motor power:30KW ,1500rpm

1st stage Low density cleaner Model:KH400


Flow rate:400L/min

Pressure difference:160KPa

Mid consistency fine pressure screen Model: ZNS0.9


Screen basket hole size: 0.25mm

Motor power:55KW ,1500rpm

Inflow pressure screen Model:NLS1


Screen basket slot:0.35mm


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