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Advanced Paper Machine High Consistency Hydrapulper

Our high-consistency cleaner is an efficient, energy-saving pulp treatment equipment used in the waste paper recycling line and pulp pretreatment stage in the paper making process. The high-consistency cleaner uses advanced design and technology to quickly deink waste paper, break it down into fibers, and remove impurities and contaminants from it.

Application & Features

Efficient and energy-saving: Using high-consistency pulp processing technology to effectively increase the concentration of pulp, reduce water and energy consumption, and improve production efficiency.

Improved deinking system: The equipment is equipped with an advanced deinking system, which can efficiently remove ink and other impurities in waste paper to ensure the quality of the pulp produced.

Stable and reliable: Using high-quality materials and strict process requirements to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment and reduce equipment failures and downtime.

Easy to operate: The equipment has an intelligent control system and a humanized operating interface, which facilitates user operation and adjustment and reduces operating errors.

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