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Approaching System Machine For Paper Making Line

In China, the approaching system of a paper machine is referred to as the pulp pumping system or short circulation system. It encompasses a series of essential processes including mixing, purification, screening, degassing, circulation, and flow conveying of pulp. This system integrates multiple stages of sand removal, screening, and vacuum degassing to ensure thorough and effective pulp preparation for paper production.

Causes of bubbles in pulp

(1) Poor pulp washing, incomplete fiber swelling, and excessive water-soluble substances in paper stock.

(2) Pulp turning in the pulp pool will bring in air.

(3) When the pulp pool liquid level is low, the propeller rotation will bring in air.

(4) Air will enter the white water during the dehydration of the paper machine wire.

(5) When slurry or white water enters the storage tank, air will enter if the outlet pipe is not submerged.

Leizhan Machinery now offers a range of advanced equipment, including the low-pulse sizing pump, high-efficiency cleaner with degassing device, low-pulse pressure screen, and vacuum degassing tank. Each of these individual machines is designed to meet the high-quality standards required for different types of paper production. If you are interested in learning more about these cutting-edge solutions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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