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Arc Screen For Pulp And Paper Machine

Embracing breakthrough innovation, our state-of-the-art pulp arc screen technology is poised to revolutionize the treatment of solid suspended particles in wastewater.

This pioneering system introduces a distinctive design, incorporating a specialized pulp arc screen that effectively isolates and eradicates solid particles from wastewater. As the water traverses the pulp arc screen, it expertly captures the solid particles, enabling the uninterrupted passage of water.

Compared to traditional screen technologies, the pulp arc screen boasts exceptional advantages and unparalleled innovation. Its intricate curve design and high-quality screen material deliver outstanding solid removal performance while offering significantly lower energy consumption and operating costs. With easy installation and maintenance, the pulp arc screen streamlines your production processes for enhanced efficiency.

This innovative technology ensures effective treatment and purification of wastewater with outstanding solid removal efficiency, low energy consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements. Welcome to contact us for more details. Email: