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Corrugated Paper Production Plant


Raw material

To produce high strength corrugated paper board, paper makers can choose commodity wood pulp, waste carton box, waste paper, white shavings as raw materials.

The challenge

The major challenge paper makers faced with is to achieve high capacity paper products with high pulp quality and high-grade finished paper under low power consumption.

The solution

Leizhan’s capability to supply for corrugated paper making range from individual equipment or some parts of the system to entire turn-key project. Scope of supply range form stock preparation to the reel section.

1. Pulp processing

Leizhan provide tailored pulp processing design for paper plants from the conveying of raw material to the forming of the fine pulp. The pulp processing line contains the following parts: conveying(Chain convey), pulping(Drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, etc.), cleaning(High density cleaner, Low density cleaner), screening(Pressure screen, Reject separator, etc.), and refining(Double disc refiner, conical refiner).

2. Paper production

The corrugated paper manufacturing system contains headbox, wire section, press section, dryer section, pope reel. Every section of the paper machine will be well designed to meet customers’ needs.