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D Type Hydrapulper For Paper Making Line

D-type hydrapulper adopts optimized design and precision manufacturing, and has efficient and stable pulping capabilities. D-type hydrapulper uses a rotating device and hydraulic pressure to mix the pulp and water, quickly decompose fibers, and improve the uniformity and quality of the slurry.

Application & Features

1. It has adjustable pulping capacity. By adjusting parameters such as water inflow, hydraulic pressure and pulping time, the concentration, texture and fiber length of the slurry can be flexibly controlled to meet the requirements of different products and processes.

2. Made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, it has a long service life. The key components inside the equipment have been specially treated to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance, reducing equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

3. Help customers optimize the pulping process and improve production efficiency and quality through real-time data and report analysis.

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