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Disc Refiner For Paper Pulp

Disc refiner is a specialized machine used in the paper production process to refine and enhance the quality of paper pulp. It consists of several rotating discs with carefully crafted patterns of raised bars or plates on their surfaces.

The pulp is introduced into the refiner and passes through the narrow gap between the rotating discs. As the discs rotate in opposite directions, the bars or plates on their surfaces shear and grind the pulp fibers, breaking them down into smaller and more uniformly sized particles. This process improves the fiber bonding ability, increases the consistency of the pulp, and enhances paper strength and smoothness.

Disc refiners are crucial in achieving desired paper qualities such as smoothness, strength, and printability. Disc refiners are highly efficient, allowing for precise control over refining parameters such as intensity, retention time, and consistency.

Disc refiners play a vital role in ensuring the overall performance and competitiveness of paper mills. Welcome to leave your email for details of paper machine. Email: