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Disc Thickener For Paper Making Mill

The disc thickener is a critical piece of equipment used to increase the concentration of pulp in the paper production process. By perpetually dehydrating and concentrating the pulp within a stack of discs, the disc thickener reduces moisture content and boosts the solid content of the pulp. This results in enhanced paper quality and improved production efficiency.

Features of Disc Thickener

1. Effectively and reliably concentrate pulp, ensuring consistent concentration levels and quality.

2. Featuring a smart automatic control system, it can meticulously oversee and regulate the concentration process, optimizing the pulp concentration to achieve optimal results.

3. Through innovative energy-saving technologies, it meets environmental standards while lowering production expenses.

4. With its versatile capabilities, the disc thickener can accommodate various pulp types and sizes, catering to diverse production requirements.

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