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Double Disc Refiner For Stock Preparation Line

Leizhan Machinery’s double-disc refiner can reduce power requirements without losing fiber performance, saving power costs for the factory. Choosing the correct double-disc refiner can save energy costs and improve the energy-saving level of the system.

Application & Features

1. As the pulp passes through the narrow gap between the discs, it undergoes intense shearing and refining action, resulting in fiber fibrillation and development of the paper strength.

2. The discs can effectively treat the pulp. The gap between the discs can be adjusted to control the refining intensity and achieve the desired paper properties.

3. Modern double disc refiners are equipped with advanced control systems to regulate the refining process and monitor parameters such as disc speed, pulp consistency, and energy consumption. This ensures efficient refining and optimal paper quality.

Leizhan can provide a set of paper machine for stock preparation line. If you have interest to our paper machine, please contact us by email: