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Drum Pulper For Wast Paper Recycling

Drum pulper

Drum pulper used for continuous gentle waste paper pulping and on hot sale in Leizhan, we have delivered many different types drum pulper for paper maker both at home and abroad, like Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc., So whats the reasons that make paper maker choose Drum Pulper?

Drum Pulper features

1. Continuous gentle pulping, reduce damage on fibers
2. Discharge light impurity like Plastic, tape without the impurities broken, reduce the following equipment burden.
3. Long pulping residence time, sufficient fiber relief low rate fine fiber loss
4. Few quick-wear parts, reduce maintenance cost
5. Replace whole sets of continuous pulping system, less equipment, reduce investment

Drum pulper has low energy consumption and high working efficiency, most large capacity wrapping paper production line prefer choose this pulper equipment, which can help them get bigger benefits, we can customize different types pulper equipment according to your demands, and provide technical services.