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Drum Screen For Stock Preparation Line Coarse Screening

Our drum screen serves a critical role as the final stage of coarse screening within the waste paper pulping process. Its primary function is to effectively cleanse the pulp by removing larger, lightweight impurities and separating them from the desired pulp.

The pulp, having undergone prior processing, flows into the drum screen. The accept, or clean pulp, proceeds through the screen slots of drum screen to the next stage of production. Simultaneously, light impurities gradually gather at the outlet and are continuously discharged, with the assistance of high-pressure flushing water and the internal structure of the drum.

This drum screen boasts numerous advantages, including exceptional screening and separation effectiveness, low power consumption, a simple structure for easy maintenance, high impurity purity, and minimal fiber loss. By incorporating this solution in your waste paper pulping process, you can conveniently replace Kangbi Screens, Reject Separators, and Vibrating Screens, enjoying a more efficient and streamlined production flow. Email address: