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High Quality Corrugated Paper Machine

As an important paper equipment for manufacturing corrugated board, the corrugated paper machine provides strong support for the packaging industry with its efficient, stable and precise production capabilities. The corrugated paper machine is manufactured using high-quality materials and precision processing to ensure the stability and durability of the paper equipment.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: Corrugated paper

2. Quantitative range: 80-200gsm

3. Net paper width: 2600mm

4. Working speed: 60-100m/min

5. Production capacity: 30-40t/d

6. Wire width: 3000mm

7. Pulp ratio: waste paper

The corrugated paper machine adopts advanced production technology and technology and can meet the production of corrugated board with different specifications and needs. If you are interested in the corrugated paper machine, please feel free to contact us. Email address: