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High-quality Paper Machine

The long fibers in the paper sheets of the paper machine constitute the tensile skeleton of the paper sheets, so the long fibers require a large wet weight and a certain degree of brooming. In actual production, the long fiber pulping adopts the method of increasing the pulping concentration and appropriately extending the pulping time. The grinding disc of the paper machine is preferably a wide and shallow tooth grinding disc.

In terms of the control of the beating of short fiber pulp, its beating degree should be controlled according to the dehydration and drying state and the paper forming condition. In actual production, a beating method with a slightly higher beating concentration than the long fiber pulping and a higher pulping degree than the long fiber pulping is adopted. The high beating degree of the short fibers of the paper machine is used to increase the bonding force between the short fibers and the skeleton long fibers.

In terms of the fiber ratio, the ideal way is to increase the amount of long fibers. Its effect on improving the surface strength and improving the powdering is undoubtedly obvious, but due to the cost, the long fibers are forced to reduce the amount. In order to compensate for this limitation, the beating degree of long fiber and mixed pulp is relatively increased in production, but the drying needs to be optimized to avoid the occurrence of bubble sandpaper disease.

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