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High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Project

high strength corrugated paper machine

Leizhan high grade corrugated paper machine used to produce high strength corrugated paper, has the features that higher capacity, lower energy consumption, easier operation, is on hot sale, our engineer designed this paper making project for customer to produce 80t/d corrugated paper.

80t/d Corrugated paper making project

Trimmed width: 2880mm
GSM: 80-110g/㎡
Capacity: 80t/d
Working speed: 110-180m/min
Design speed: 200m/min
Transmissions type: sectional drive, AC frequency converter control

Corrugated paper making process contain waste paper pulping machine and corrugated paper machine, the equipment quality play a very important role in paper quality, so choose a good paper machine is the first step to produce high quality paper. Leizhan manufacture the whole stock preparation line for paper making, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.