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How to Maintain Waste Paper Baling Machine

waste paper baling machine

Waste paper baler is a new advanced pneumatic packaging machinery. Mainly used for paper enterprises and wooden packaging and other products bundled. However, due to damage to parts in use, poor lubrication, can cause damage to the parts, so how to maintain the machine to win valuable time and money.

Here are a few easy to fault parts and maintenance methods

1. Malfunction: can not cut steel strip
Cause: (1) Cutter wears or fails
Maintenance method: check the cutter or cutter rack wear or failure, if the wear and tear should be replaced
(2) Pressure drop
Maintenance method: check whether the work pressure is normal.
2. Malfunction: locking clip is not enough to withstand the pull
Cause: the clamping block or the coupling pin is worn
Maintenance method: check these parts when the groove depth is shallow and replace if necessary

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