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Machines for Paper Recycling Plant

Leizhan provides a wide range of machines and equipment for paper recycling plants. Here are some of the key machines that Leizhan offers:

Pulper: Leizhan offers various types of pulpers, including D-type hydrapulper, Drum pulper, and Vertical hydrapulper, which are used to break down the waste paper into pulp.

High-density Cleaner: This machine is used to remove heavy impurities like staples, stones, and metals from the pulp.

Low-density Cleaner: This machine removes lightweight contaminants like sand, ink particles, and small-sized debris from the pulp.

Pressure Screen: Leizhan’s pressure screens help in fine screening and cleaning of the pulp, removing impurities like stickies, shives, and dirt.

Refiner: The refiner machine refines the pulp and improves its fiber quality, resulting in better paper strength and quality.

Deinking Machine: Leizhan’s deinking machine removes ink particles and other unwanted contaminants from the pulp, producing high-quality deinked pulp.

Pulp Thickener: This machine is used to thicken the pulp by removing excess water, increasing the consistency of the pulp before papermaking.

Paper Machine: Leizhan offers a complete range of paper machines, including Fourdrinier paper machine, Cylinder mold paper machine, and multi-layer paper machine, which are used to produce various types of paper from the recycled pulp.

Dewatering Machine: This machine removes excess water from the wet paper sheet, improving the paper’s dryness and strength.

Leizhan provides customized solutions and advanced technology for paper recycling plants. For more detailed information on specific machines and equipment, please reach out to Leizhan directly through their website or contact them via email.

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