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Paper Machine Headbox

Headbox paper machine

The headbox is known as the heart of the paper machine, is a key component of the paper machine, is the hub connected to the approach  and wire. The function of the headbox in the recycled paper is to bring the required pulp into the forming web according to the requirements of the papermaking machine to provide the necessary prerequisites for the good forming of the paper

The basic function of the headbox

(1) Provide a uniform and stable pulp flow to the entire width of the paper machine, to avoid horizontal pulp flow, non-directional tributary or longitudinal flow.
(2) Provide a geometric size of the required stability of the lip, from the temperature, pressure and lip opening degree of the impact.
(3) Form the least flocculation and good fiber suspension.
(4) Provide a process to meet the requirements of the banner quantitative distribution, drop point, spray pulp angle and spray pulp speed control.
(5) Provide convenient measures to keep the headbox clean and easy to operate and maintain.

A good headbox should have the following properties:

(1) Can create a uniform quantitative stability paper, and in the paper does not appear vertical flow.
(2) The lip area of the headbox should not be affected by the pressure, the temperature and the opening degree of the lip to ensure the uniform distribution of the banners.
(3) The headbox should avoid the occurrence of hanging pulp.
(4) Easy to keep the box clean.
(5) Pulp speed ratio control.