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Paper Making Equipment Paper Bale Breaker

The primary role of the bale breaker is to facilitate the unwinding of pulp raw materials that are typically packaged as large bales or rolls. It effectively handles various shapes, sizes, and densities of pulp, ensuring a seamless integration into subsequent stages of the production line. By efficiently unbaling the pulp, the bale breaker enables smooth processing of the materials in the paper making production line.

Application & Features of Bale Breaker

1. Bale breaker employs rotational and stirring movements to agitate the pulp raw material, effectively separating and loosening the fiber bundles internally.

2. It enhances the dispersion of fibers and reduces the binding strength between them, creating favorable conditions for subsequent screening and cleaning procedures.

3. This equipment also helps remove certain impurities from the pulp, minimizing disruptions and potential damages to the following processing stages.

4. By regulating the flow rate and consistency of the pulp, it ensures a stable and uninterrupted operation of the production line.

Our bale breaker is designed to adjust the flow rate of pulp as per the production requirements, accommodating various process parameters and product specifications. If you have any interest in paper making equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at