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Paper Making Equipment Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen has a wide range of applications in the paper industry. The vibrating screen can be applied for waste paper recycling, screening out renewable pulp, and promoting the sustainable development of paper production.

In addition, the vibrating screen can also be applied for primary screening of pulp to remove large particles and coarse fibers; it can also be applied for fine screening of pulp to extract fine fibers and fiber bundles to improve paper strength and smoothness.

Application & Features

1 Using high-frequency vibration, the cellulose fibers quickly pass through the screen, which greatly improves the screening efficiency, speeds up the production speed, and reduces the production cost.

2. The vibrating screen is equipped with screens of different specifications, which can accurately screen and filter according to the size and shape of cellulose fibers, effectively remove impurities and useless substances in the pulp, and improve the quality of the pulp.

3. Reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the environment.

4. The vibrating screen is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, which can adjust the vibration intensity and frequency according to production needs, realize automatic control and comprehensive monitoring, and improve operation convenience and production stability.

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