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Paper Mill Machine Bale Breaker

Bale breaker is mainly applied for unbaling pulp raw materials. Pulp raw materials are usually packaged into large bales or large rolls, which are unwound by bale breakers to allow the pulp to enter subsequent processing processes.
Bale breaker can handle pulp raw materials of different shapes, sizes and densities during the unbaling process, ensuring smooth entry into the production line.

Application & Features

1. Disturb the pulp raw material through the actions of rotation and stirring, causing the fiber bundles to be separated and peeled off internally.

2. Improve the dispersion of fibers and reduce the binding force between fibers, providing better conditions for subsequent screening and cleaning processes.

3. Strip some impurities from the pulp to reduce interference and damage to subsequent processes.

4. The flow rate and flow rate of pulp can be controlled to maintain stable operation of the production line.

Bale breaker can adjust the pulp flow rate according to production needs to adapt to different process parameters and product requirements. If you are interested in paper making equipment, please contact us. Email address: