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Paper Pulp Pressure Screen Machinent

This advanced technology of inflow pressure screen significantly improves the overall performance and consistency of the pulp, ensuring optimal production outcomes.

The application of advanced filtration and squeezing methods in the inflow pressure screen efficiently eliminates small particles and contaminants found in the pulp. This integral process not only aids in minimizing fiber loss but also acts as a critical factor in preserving the paper’s overall quality during subsequent paper making processes.

Details of Inflow Pressure Screen

1. The energy-saving effect is evident due to the small installed power.

2. With its optimized internal flow structure and low pulse design, the equipment ensures excellent web uniformity.

3. The slurry outlet incorporates a diffusion design and smooth inner wall, ensuring seamless connection of flow pipes.

4. The main engine and transmission feature a modular design, ensuring stability, reliability, and easier installation and maintenance.

5. The equipment comes equipped with automatic refueling and mechanical seal water flow monitoring devices, ensuring high automation levels.

Furthermore, the inflow pressure screen ensures improved uniformity and stability of the slurry, leading to a consistent and superior paper output. Feel free to provide your email address for further information. Email: