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Paper Pulping Machine Low Density Cleaner

Leizhan Machinery’s low density cleaner can reduce the sand content in paper pulp, reduce paper machine maintenance and failures, and improve production efficiency and equipment stability.

Low density cleaner uses centrifugal force to deposit heavy impurities in the pulp to the bottom of the slag removal chamber through rotating flow, thereby achieving the effect of removing impurities.

Application & Features

1. Simple structure, stable operation, high efficiency, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

2. The use of efficient separation and slag removal technology can effectively reduce the impurity content in the pulp.

3. The slag removal chamber has good self-cleaning ability, which can reduce blockage and downtime.

4. Low density cleaner also has certain automatic control functions, which can monitor and adjust equipment operating parameters in real time.

Leizhan can also provide a set of paper machine for paper pulping line. If you have interest to our paper and pulp machine, please contact us by email: