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Paper Winder Machine Corrugator Paper Machine

Paper winder machine is a highly effective machine that cuts and rewinds corrugated board in the paper making line, leading to substantial improvements in production efficiency and capacity. Paper winder machine has the capability to roll corrugated cardboard into custom sizes, resulting in minimized waste and reduced material consumption.

Details Of Paper Winder Machine

1. Threaded paper type: underfeed paper

2. Finished paper diameter: Φ1500mm

3. Paper basis weight: 120-600gsm

4. Paper grade: Corrugated paper

5. Working speed: 1000m/min

6. Maximum tension: 1200N/m

7. Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76mm

Our paper winder machine offers a precise and accurate solution for cutting and rewinding cardboard, guaranteeing exceptional product quality. If your paper production line requires a paper winder machine, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Email address: