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Press Part Paper Break

Paper machine press part

Paper break problem has always been a problem for papermaking friends, have a great impact on paper production and quality. The press is the place where the paper often breaks, so how to deal with this problem?

Press Part Paper Break

1. Paper break because of slime or resin:
-Check the screen basket, white water and water cycle; – check the addition of the fungicide, type and amount; – check the lower side of the doctor blade resin deposits.

2. Slurry agglomerate result paper break:
– Check whether there is slurry or fine deposition in the headbox; – observe all doctor blade, check the sediment on the roller; – check leaks in the system; – check the doctor blade straightening and load; – check debris in the trap; – check felt vacuum suction box; – check weir lip, lower lip and so on.

3. Press part partially paper break:
– Check the pulp debris; – check the screen; – if the forming is poor, close to the wire to observe the paper; – if the paper sheet is unevenly distributed, observe the sheet at the wire level; – check whether the surface of the press roll is smooth; if necessary, plan the grinding roller; – check the roller vacuum and water throw angle; – check whether the felt is streaked or blocked, to improve the cleaning; – to ensure that the felt correction is correct, no wear; – check whether there is a blocked nozzle; – check whether the grooved slot and / or hole is conducive to the removal of moisture; – adjust the traction angle; – check the doctor blade whether the wear even; – check the roller cleaning spray; – check the uneven sheet shrinkage; – check the traction control at the mechanical slip.