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Pulping Equipment High Density Cleaner

The high density cleaner uses the different specific gravity of fibers and impurities to separate impurities.

The slurry enters the high density cleaner tangentially from the feed tee under a certain pressure and then rotates at high speed. Due to the difference in centrifugal force, the heavy impurities are thrown toward the wall of the vessel. Under the action of gravity, they gradually move toward the bottom of the cone and enter the sediment tank. Due to the small centrifugal force, the fibers gradually move toward the central low-pressure area. After reaching the bottom, the vortex rises and is finally discharged from the good pulp port.

The cone of the high density cleaner has a certain taper, and the cone is long. The radius of rotation of the slurry in the cone gradually decreases, which avoids the speed of the slurry flow decreasing during the rotation process and ensures that the centrifugal force is strengthened, thus improving the quality of the paper stock. Purification efficiency. The balanced water pressure at the bottom of the high density cleaner is slightly greater than the slurry pressure, so that fibers cannot enter the sediment tank. Only heavy impurities such as sand, metal particles, glue blocks, and plastics sink into the tank, reducing fiber loss.

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