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Reject Separator in Paper Making Line

Reject separator

How do you deal with tailling pulp during paper making process? And how to achieve the lowest rate of fiber loss? Leizhan Reject separator can do this for paper maker, has high efficiency to reduce fiber loss.

Leizhan Reject separator advantages

For the difference in waste paper, the waste paper pulp has a great number of impurities. Reject Separator can remove light impurities and separate the plastic sheets of fiber. It doesn’t block the sieve plate so customer has no need to stop equipment running for cleaning.

Reject separator in operate under an ordinary pressure closed condition. It can consistently deslagging and has no phenomena of blocking, splashing size,shaking and noise. No special staff is need to guard the equipment. The fiber recovery rate is up to around 70% ,the pulp inlet concentration is 1%-2%, the deslagging concentration is 15%-20%. Compared with other coarse device, PZ Series Reject Separator is more easy to maintain.