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Small Production Capacity Corrugated Paper Making Line

Corrugated paper machine involves multiple stages and machinery to process raw materials, create the corrugated medium, and produce finished corrugated cardboard products. Each step in the corrugated paper machine process plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and performance of the final packaging materials.

Paper Making Process of Corrugated Paper Machine

Raw Material Preparation: The process starts with the preparation of raw materials, typically recycled paper or wood pulp. The raw materials are sorted, cleaned, and processed to remove impurities before being further used in the paper making process.

Pulping: The raw materials are then pulped, either mechanically or chemically, to break down the fibers into a pulp consistency. This is usually done in pulper, where water is added to create a slurry.

Cleaning and Screening: The pulp slurry goes through a series of cleaning and screening processes to remove contaminants like dirt, ink, and larger impurities. This includes using cleaners, screens, and centrifugal cleaners, ensuring the pulp is clean and homogeneous.

Refining: The pulp may undergo refining to improve its characteristics, such as fiber length and strength. This is done using a refiner, where the pulp is subjected to mechanical force, grinding, and shearing to break down the fibers further.

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