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Recycling Paper Plant A4 Writting Paper Making Plant

culture paper machine
Culture paper making machine(paper machinery)will use virgin pulp, wooden pulp board, recycling paper as material to make culture paper,writing paper,newspaper,A4 paper.As usual,the whole PM includes following sections:

1.Paper pulp equipment

2.Paper making machine(also named paper machinery)

3.Some relative processing machine

4. Boiler

Our company can offer paper mill the whole A4 writting paper making line,
include paper pulp making line, paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

A4 Writting Paper Making Machine Main Parameter:

Product type  culture Paper Machine
Papermaking ration 70-80g / m2
Net paper width 3150mm
Paper roll width 3200mm
Width of the wire 3700mm
Gauge 4200mm
Design speed 350m / min
Working speed 300-320m / min
Dynamic balancing speed 400m/min
Transmission form AC branch transmission

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