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30T/18H Printing Paper Production Line

Culture paper machine

High grade cultural paper machine used to produce printing paper, A4 paper, Carbonless paper, etc., Leizhan high grade culture paper machine has the advantage of high efficient, low energy consumption and long service time. The following is the paper machine technical data we can supplied and 30t/18h wood pulp processing project.

High-grade Cultural Paper Machine

Paper Grade: High-grade fine paper, Printing paper, Carbonless paper, A4 Paper
Trimmed width: 1880-3750mm
Basis Weight: 40~80g/㎡
Operating speed: 200~1200m/min
Production capacity: 20~270t/d

Culture paper machine can be adjusted according to your capacity, we have expert design the paper machine project and pulping project for you according to your requirements, maximize your consumption for you and produce high quality paper.

30T/18H Wood pulp making project

The bundled wood pulp is conveyed to the D type hydrapulper by Chain conveyor, the Hydrapulper can fully disperse the wood pulp.

Then the High density cleaner used to cleaning the slurry from pulper equipment, in this stage can remove the heavy impurities from pulp. At this time the pulp fiber curvature and softness is not enough, if don’t use refiner equipment, will impact on finished paper quality. Double disc refiner and Conical refiner is used to improve the pulp beating degree to meet paper making needs.

The last stage is Inflow pressure screen, this equipment connect paper machine and pulping system, used to make pulp evenly flow to headbox, protect paper machine.