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40TPD Cultural Paper Making Project

culture paper machine

This cultural paper machine Leizhan supplied used to produce Culture paper like printing paper, double offset paper, coating original paper, etc., there are many factors that affect the quality of paper, although the raw material determines the quality of the paper, good paper machine can make the finished paper quality better.

40t/d Cultural Paper Making Machine

Trimmed width: 2640mm
GSM: 50~100g/㎡
Capacity: 30-45t/d
Working speed: 150-220m/min
Design speed: 220m/min
Dynamic balance quality: roller G2.5; dryer G4
Operation Method: AC variable frequency sectional drive

Culture paper making can use waste paper, commodity wood pulp, waste book etc., as raw material, the stock preparation line designed according to the raw material and paper grade. The wood pulp or other cleaner pulp making line need hydrapulper, High density cleaner, and refiner equipment, if use recycling book as material, the pulping process need add screening machine, deinking machine and stock washer. All this Paper&Pulp machine can be available in Leizhan, we manufacture whole sets of stock preparation line.