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50T/18H Waste Paper Deinking Stock Preparation Line

Our deinking stock preparation line is widely applied in paper, cardboard and pulp manufacturing industries and can process various types of waste paper, including old books, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, etc. The deinking stock preparation line can convert these waste papers into high-quality recycled pulp, improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and reducing environmental impact.

Some Equipment of Deinking Stock Preparation Line

1. Chain Conveyor: Work Width:B=1400mm, Total Length:L=26m

2. High Consistency Hydrapulper: 15m³, C=10~15%, 60~70t/d

3. Dump Pulp Pump: Q= 800m3/h, H= 9m, C=3~5%

4. Pulp Chest Agitator: Ø850mm, 80~100m3, C=3~5%

5. High Density Cleaner: Q=3000~4500l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa

6. M.C. Coarse Pressure Screen: A=0.6m2 h=1.8mm, C=3~4%

7. Reject Separator: Ø380mm C=1~2% Ø4mm

The company has a professional technical team and a complete after-sales service system, and can provide customized deinking stock preparation line solutions according to customer needs. Welcome to inquire for more details. Email address: