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80TPD Wast Newspaper Pulping Project

Paper pulp machine

In order to achieve the recycling of resources, the paper industry prefer choose waste paper as raw material to produce lower quality paper. Use waste newspaper and magazine to produce culture paper in addition to use conventional pulping equipment, also need deinking equipment.

80TPD Wast Newspaper Pulping Project

Working process

Chain conveyor–Drum pulper–Unloading pulp pump–High density cleaner–Pulp chest agitator–Input pulp pump–M.C.coarse pressure screen–Reject separator–Pulp chest agitator–Low density cleaner(3 stage)–M.C.fine pressure screen–Deinking machine–Low density cleaner–High-speed stock washer–Screw press washer–Disc Disperser–Double disc refiner–Inflow pressure screen

Technical data of paper

Technical data of paper
Drum pulper: Ø2750mm, C=3~5%, Power: 200kwh
High density cleaner: Q=4500~5800l/min, C=3~5%, P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Deinking machine: Q=624m³/h, C=0.8~1.2%
High-speed stock washer: L=2000mm, C=0.8~1%, Power: 7.5kwh
Screw press washer: D=600mm, C=10~14%, Power: 55kwh
Double disc refiner: D=600mm, C=3~5%, Power: 280kwh