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Bale Breaker In Paper Making Line

Numerous paper mills opt for waste paper as the primary raw material for manufacturing corrugated paper. To enhance profitability for our customers, our company offers a pulp machine bale breaker designed for corrugated paper production lines. This specialized equipment is capable of crushing and sorting waste paper efficiently.

Key Features of the Pulp Machine Bale Breaker:

Upon breaking down the waste paper, larger debris can be exposed and discharged through the port.

Following bale breaking, the feeding method for the hydraulic pulper shifts from whole bundle feeding to loose waste paper feeding.

By preventing impurities from entering the pulp system at the source, the bale breaker ensures the production of superior quality pulp. This not only enhances pulp quality but also reduces the wear and tear on subsequent equipment.

Several customers have attested to the cost-saving benefits and positive outcomes achieved with our pulp machine bale breaker. For pricing and additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or message. Contact us at: