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Copy Paper Production Line For Paper Mill

Over the years, Leizhan Machinery has insisted on providing customers with copy paper production lines with strict quality standards, high productivity, and low operating costs.

Our copy paper production lines incorporate the latest advances in paper making technology. From precise measurement and automated processes to intelligent control systems, every aspect is carefully engineered to ensure consistent quality and unparalleled efficiency.

Details Of Copy Paper Production Line

1. Paper Grade: Copy Paper, Cultural Paper, Printing Paper

2. Operating Speed: 200-1200 m/min

3. Production Capacity: 20 T/D

4. Net Paper Width: 1880-3750 mm

5. Basis Weight: 40-80 gsm

Our copy paper production lines are optimized for high-speed production, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and satisfy even the most discerning customers. Welcome to contact us. Email address: