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Disc Thickener for Paper Making

Disc thickener

Disc thickener is mainly used for low concentration of slurry washe and thicken. This machine is different from the traditional vacuum disc filter, do not need to install at a higher floor and install leg pipe, can replace the traditional gravity rotary screen thickener, save energy consumption for paper maker.

Working principle

Gravity disc type thickener consists of a combination of fan-shaped plate and the tank, the slurry flows into the tank from the inlet pulp pipe, the diaphragm continuously to the fan plate on both sides of the aggregate, the disk rotation slurry to the net surface, the high-pressure water scour the exfoliation disk slurry, and the filtrate from the middle of the disk into the large shaft gutter, outward discharge. With the continuous operation of the disk, the slurry concentration in the tank increases due to the continuous discharge of the filtrate. When the liquid level in the tank is higher than the level adjustment plate, the slurry overflows to the outlet pulp box.

Leizhan ZNP Series Disc Thickener advantages

1. Compact structure, assembly space is not large.
2. Fan plate is made of stainless steel welded, with corrosion-resistant properties.
3. Due to the special design of the sector plate, a large amount of white water can be filtered during operation, and the handling capacity per unit area is relatively large.
4. Compared with rotary screen type thickener, the filter area is large, and the filtrate concentration is low.
5. Disk installation and removal more convenient.
6. Disk fan speed adjustable, adaptable
7. Low concentration of white water, easy to recycle, reduce wastewater treatment capacity