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Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking Machine

The deinking tank is a fully enclosed multi-stage flotation deinking equipment for deinking pulping. Mainly used for waste book, newspaper, magazine etc., wast cultural paper pulping line, has high efficiency and energy saving features.

Structure and function

In the device through a special structure of the interstage separation device, the formation of a clear multi-level flotation, to prevent the mixing of different flotation grade slurry, and air dispersion and slurry mixing, is by special development this plug-and-play system eliminates the clogging of the jet system. This unique device structure allows the pulp to be circulated internally and the air is used multiple times within the pulp, greatly increasing air utilization and ink removal efficiency. The deinking tank has the advantages of high deinking efficiency, high whiteness after deinking, high brightness, high ink concentration (up to 3%), little fiber loss, small floor area, simple operation control, Low consumption of significant advantages.

Horizontal flotation deinking unit is the use of slurry flowing into the air at the same time produce a large number of bubbles flotation, off the mortar ink particles and a large number of light impurities in order to obtain higher quality slurry . Horizontal flotation deinking tank unit compared with other flotation deinking device, under the premise of the same impurity removal rate, can increase the production capacity of 20%; or in the same production capacity under the premise of other flotation deinking device Higher pulp whiteness and other ash removal, as well as corresponding reduction of long and short fiber losses, were achieved with a power reduction of 20% at the same throughput as other flotation deink tanks.