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High Density Cleaner Paper Pulping Machine

High density cleaner is a kind of equipment that uses the centrifugal principle to remove the impurities in the pulp whose density is different from that of the pulp. The upper part of high density cleaner is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall of the main body is designed as a spiral cone. High density cleaner can be connected in parallel in rows, and tailings can be re-selected in sections to reduce the loss of pulp slag removal.

Main Specification

1. Use the vortex principle to continuously remove impurities such as sand and glass in the bio-based fluid.

2. Reduce the load on other equipment, reduce the wear and tear of the pump, and reduce the load on the digestion tank.

3. Prevents deposits of heavy material in storage and digester tanks, optimizing production and reducing downtime for costly manual tank cleaning.

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