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Industrial Bale Breaker For Paper Making Equipment

The structure and design of the bale breaker directly affects its effect of dispersing fiber bundles and removing impurities. Leizhan can provide customers with bale breaker that are compact in structure, easy to operate and easy to clean. The bale breaker is made of stainless steel and has a long service life.

Application & Features

1. It can disperse large impurities and fiber bundles in the pulp, making them easier to be processed or removed by subsequent processes. This helps improve paper quality and yield.

2. It can effectively remove small particles and tiny impurities in the pulp, such as sand, fiber bundles, paper scraps, etc., thereby preventing them from causing damage or defects to the paper surface.

3. The size and shape of the fiber bundles in the pulp can be adjusted to meet the production needs of different paper varieties and requirements.

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